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Living with pets

The living room of every house is the shelter for people who is living the house. This is the place where you come at the end of a long day of ups and downs. It is where you can read newspaper or book, watch TV, relax and spend time with all your family members, including your pets!

As we design and choose furniture for the living room space in the house for people who is living there, choosing a suitable sofa for having a pet with us is also a must. But what should be considered in choosing the sofa and what is the best sofa that the pet can be adapted to and is able to communicate with?


  • Animal type and your pet’s unique personality!

The first point to be considered while choosing a sofa is whether you are to buy a sofa for a dog or a cat. Each of these pets has different characteristics, behaviors and needs that should be considered in choosing the sofa. It is better to take time to understand the mood and needs of the animal you chose and check its behavior and needs carefully before buying the sofa.

Points such as to what smell or what kind of fabric material they are sensitive and how they behave accordingly. This can significantly help in choosing the right sofa.


  • furniture Material

The need to scratch is an essential feature of the cat. Cats strongly tend to scratch objects in their environment to determine their territory and shape their paws. Therefore, if your pet is cat, the best furniture fabric’s material is a smooth and non-woven fabric. If the fabric has obvious and loose warp and woof, the cat will find a thread and quickly damage the whole fabric.

This point should be considered both in choosing the cat's own furniture and in choosing the furniture, curtains and bedspreads of the house. It is best to provide a device for the cat that meet this need for scratching and play in another way.


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To prevent the furniture from being scratched by the cat, it is better to provide instruments for the cat to play with


Cats and dogs can easily damage linen and leather fabrics, and these materials are not highly resistant to pets’ claws. But suede is a desirable material as pets’ furniture and houses that have pets inside.



It should be considered that cleaning the sofa fabric is one of the important points in choosing furniture. Normally natural fibers are harder to clean since they absorb everything and that’s why cleaning the stains on these fibers are harder. Fabrics made by new technologies such as nano may be more appropriate options. The advantage of synthetic fabrics is that they are poor in absorbing liquids and odors, which is a suitable feature for animal sofas. This is because natural fabrics act strongly in absorbing odors and liquids and this make cleaning difficult. Animals are very sensitive to smell and show different reactions so it is better not to choose smell absorbent fabric for the sofa.


  • Furniture color

The chosen color of the furniture is important because it is associated with animal hair and fur in addition to dust and stains. It is required to consider what color your pet is and choose a color for the sofa that does not show your pet’s hair and fur unpleasantly. Colors having tone of cream, brown, and gray could be suitable choices. Although sometimes pet owners prefer to see the pollution and animals’ fur clearly and consider solutions for cleaning. Therefore, in this case, they choose colors contrasting with the animal's hair color or in relation to other furniture in their house.

  • Furniture design

    Animal furniture comes in a variety of designs, but to choose one of them it should be decided that based on the structure, furniture arrangements and behavior of your pet, which design do you prefer. Sometimes having one or more cushions and small pillows on the sofa can be attractive to the animal, especially cats, and it wants take the time to play with them.


An important point in designing animal furniture is that its small mattress, pillow and cushion have zippers so that it can be easily removed and washed.


But if your room is in a way that moving furniture is needed or your animal requires to be in different spaces at different times of the day, choosing wheeled furniture can be a good option. But these wheels must have a lock which can be fixed so as not to cause problems for your pet. Sometimes the sofa needs to be raised above the ground, so choose an animal sofa that has height. The height item is more important in choosing sofa for cats.

Whether it has height or not is the preference which pet’s owner make according to the behavior of her/his cat and the house’s spatial conditions.




There are many different points in choosing animals furniture from different aspects, but these above-mentioned points are simple and general points for choosing animal furniture.

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