Warranty and return of products in Decoapp

In Decap, the terms and conditions of delivery of goods, return and guarantee and after-sales service of goods will be as follows:

Delivery of products

When delivering the goods to the customer by Decoup agents, the packaging of the goods must be opened and the health of the goods must be approved by the customer, and the delivery note must be signed by the person receiving the goods (in Tehran). Therefore, the presence of the ordering party or the recipient mentioned in the order form is essential when delivering the goods. After delivery, any declaration of defects or defects is not approved by Decoup. All goods of Decoup online store have a guarantee of physical health of the goods until delivery to the customer. Buyers of goods in the city must inform DeCoop within 24 hours after receiving the goods, any defects, defects, shortages and discrepancies. After this time, Decoup will not be responsible for the goods sold. It should be noted that for the recipients of goods in Tehran, this period is not defined and any defect must be reported to the decoup at the time of delivery of goods. It is necessary for the buyer to go to the shipping office as soon as possible and receive the goods. And confirm the health of the goods. In case of delay in receiving the goods, the payment of the warehousing fee must be made by the buyer and Decoup is not responsible. Coordinating the receipt of goods from the freight branches of the cities is done by Decoup with the customers.

Return of products

Due to the nature of the goods offered in Decoup (architectural and decoration goods), some goods are custom-made or based on customer choices. That is, the manufacturer produces the product according to the customer's purchase request with the customer's color and taste, and the product cannot be sold to another person. In these cases, cancellation of the purchase of goods is not accepted and the request to cancel and return the goods will lead to a deduction of 30% of the amount of goods and the cost of shipping the goods will be borne by the customer. The product or a technical problem in the performance of the product or the product is inconsistent with the specifications listed in the product introduction and its purchase invoice, according to the announced conditions can return the product. After examining the case, if the discrepancy, defect or technical problem of the goods is confirmed, according to the warranty regulations announced by the supplier, the problem will be solved or the goods will be replaced. In Tehran, the customer must not deliver the goods to the destination It must be returned to the decoup and the customers of the city must be reported to the decoup within 24 hours. In order to return the goods to the decoup warehouse, it is necessary for the goods to be packed properly by the buyer and sent to the decoup warehouse so that no other objection is noticed to the goods. This product is considered a reference and is at the disposal of the buyer as a loan. Upon receipt of the returned goods by Decoap warehouse, the sales support will inform the buyer about the process of repairing or replacing the goods and resending.

Warranty and after-sales service

Warranty and after-sales service of each product is based on the criteria of each supplier and is done directly by the relevant supplier. Decoup coordinates between supplier and customer when needed. The product warranty does not include problems caused by the user's improper use of the product.

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