DECOAPP Rules and Regulations

DECOAPP is a platform to serve you in buying furniture and internal architecture that strives to give the best services to the customers. Therefore, we have rules and regulations for safe and secure interactions with our customers. Entering our site,, and using the services is regarded as the user knows and accepts our rules and regulations.

Submitting Information

To enter the site and use our services, the user needs to enter their cell phone number to register their order. To process and send orders, other information including address, zip code, phone number and email will be required as well. Since all DECOAPP activities are legal and based on rules and regulations of electronic business, an official bill will be issued during purchase process, company’s economic code must be registered in special user description if the user is a legal person who is purchasing for a company or organization.

Please remember that the registered address, phone number and email written by the user in their account is confirmed by the customers, so all our correspondence/answers will be sent through that. In the other words, entering the address, phone number and email by the user means that they have confirmed the mentioned information. If the information is not complete, DECOAPP can request more documents, providing legal and logical reasons to ensure that mentioned information is correct.

If you change your address or your phone number, please inform us by editing your information of your accounts as soon as possible. If you have a registered order waiting to be sent, please call our technical team (00968-97220481) and inform the changes to them otherwise the customer will be responsible for all legal consequences and costs of incorrect delivery.

DECOAPP undertakes to keep all customers’ information confidential and share them with no other companies or organizations unless they are required by Judiciary or needed by official authorities according to the common laws and regulations of our country.

Choosing product(s)ا

To help our users select what they want, we have tried our best to accomplish the goal by providing different pictures and writing our products’ specifications. If you need more information, you can call our technical team (00968-97220481) to help and answer your questions.

If you have chosen your product based on incorrect information of the site, DECOAPP will be responsible for such a mistaken selection and we endeavour our best to compensate your loss.

If you need professional consultation to choose your product(s), you can use our furniture and internal architecture professional consultation in Internal Architectures and Consultants Panel according to a professional consultation agreement.

Purchasing Product(s)ا

You can purchase your product(s) in our purchasing page and pay the price by Zarrinball electronic gate. The user undertakes to enter correct information before finalizing their purchase. If you have a discount code, please mention it before paying the money and finalizing your purchase order.

The user will receive a message of registration order after paying the money and finalizing the purchase order. Our technical team will contact you soon to coordinate and follow up your order.

For our customers’ reassurance, DECOAPP permits you to pay half of the product price first. When we send the picture of your final product, you can pay the rest of the money before shipping the product(s).

Paying and Refunding

We will use our maximum potential to produce and send your registered order, but in case of some problems in registration order, we will return your money in 72 hours. To complete the process, we will require your Bank Account Number, your Sheba Number (and the user name of the account when you ordered the product(s)) and your National Card Image to be uploaded in the customers’ account. After uploading the required documents, we calculate the mentioned time to return your money.

Returning the customers’ payment is Essential for DECOAPP in following cases:

  • Lack of production of the registered product(s) by manufacturers for some reasons including lack of required materials, production line suspension, and etc.
  • The difference between the ordered product and produced sample, returning it and requesting to return the payment by the customers’.
  • Not producing the goods at the arranged time and requesting to return the payment by the customers’.
  • Damaging products during shipping and sending process, not receiving the products by the customers and requesting to return the payment by the customers’.
  • Returning the product(s) during 7 working days by undertaking the cost of returning product(s) and requesting to return the payment by the customers’.
  • Damaging the product during guarantee period and returning product(s) and requesting to return the payment by the customers’.

To return the payment, the users require to enter their account and register the returned product in Request of Returning Product(s) part. Besides, the users should mention their own reasons to return the product(s). Based on the reasons, the product(s) will be returned and the costs will be paid by one of the parties (DECOAPP or the Customers’). Finally the money will be returned to the customers.

Sending and Delivering of Product(s)ا

The costs and shipping type will differ regarding the destination (Tehran or other cities), numbers of the ordered product(s) and transportation type. For more information please see Shipping Conditions.

Guarantee and After Sales Services

Time and special guarantee type of all goods depends on the manufacturers’ of the product(s). The product(s) specifications, time and conditions of guarantee is available in each page.

Manufacturers undertake the guarantee and aftersales services. DECOAPP follows the coordination’s between manufacturers and customers.

Service(s) costs will be paid by the user(s) if the problem is not mentioned in guarantee conditions and made by the customer(s)’ misuse. It is needless to say that not to violate the customer(s)’ rights is of greatest importance for DECOAPP.

Secondary Rules

Users’ comments and criticisms are safe and secure in DECOAPP. In case of edition, the message content will be preserved and just minor changes in form of the messages such as modifying some sentences or words may occur.

DECOAPP is authorized to follow up comments including criminal contents legally.

We are notifying that DECOAPP uses cookies and IPs as other websites. Cookies are files that are provided by the browser based on a site’s requests which allows the site to save your visits and adapt the data. It is possible to inactivate cookies in many websites, so you can see browsers guidelines. However protocol, server and security layers of DECOAPP along with appropriate methods of data management keep users’ information safe and secure and avoid illegal access. It is obvious that violator(s) will be responsible for potential abuse. The rights to object and pursue legally will be held for DECOAPP to be applied according to their own discretion.

Do you have any questions for your purchase? Quick ways to contact support:
Phone call and whatsApp 00968-97220481