Shipping conditions in DecoApp

DECOAPP is trying to deliver the purchased product in the best and most appropriate packaging and shipping conditions; To achieve this goal, it transports the goods using its trustworthy carriers and drivers.

To calculate the shipping cost in the shopping cart, DECOAPP considers the following three items:

  • Purchased goods’ destination distance: DECOAPP will charge a fee based on the destination province which is registered by the user as the consignee address.
  • Type of transport vehicle carrying purchased goods: Depending on the Type of transport vehicle (Nissan or Roofed truck) that is selected in purchasing process by the user, different costs will be considered and calculated.
  • Number and volume of goods purchased:Obviously, the number of goods selected by the user in an order varies according to the volume required for transportation. This issue affects the total shipping cost.
Do you have any questions for your purchase? Quick ways to contact support:
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